Nearly one year ago, I was flying high on the news that my book Like an Elephantwas being published by Austin Macauley Publishers. One year into the process, I have heard very little from the publisher, which they consider status quo.  I have no idea when my book will be published or where it is in the publication process.  This is disappointing because I was looking forward to people reading my book and earning a little money.

Austin Macauley sells itself as a hybrid publisher sharing the price of publication with the writer. They straddle the line between a traditional publisher and a vanity press. Well, live and learn.  Needless to say, I will not be sending any more money their way until I see a proof copy of my book and get a overview of marketing plan.

On the good news front, I have a fantasy trilogy in the works. Silk and Steel is a light steampunk collection for young adults and the young at heart.  I have published the first book, Becoming Bea, on Kindle Direct Publishing  in both ebook and paperback format.  The second book, Chasing Bees, is finished drafting and I am working on revisions along with drafting the final book in the series.

I am having fun writing and work on my practice of writing every day!  Life is good.